Potty Training at Primary Prep


Potty training is an exciting time and positive time for a child.  At primary prep we are loving and encouraging during this process.  Once the child has achieved success, he or she gains  independence.  This is wonderful for the child and the parents.  At 18 months we introduce all of our students to the potty.  Your child's teacher sits the child on the potty for ten seconds.  As the child becomes more comfortable on the potty the longer we encourage the child to sit there.   Whether the child is in pull-ups or training pants our teachers follow the same procedure.


The Potty Chair


At Primary Prep we do not use potty chairs.  Actually, we encourage our parents not to purchase them either.  They are an un-necessary expense, and they are no fun to sanitize.  It is confusing for a child to spend months potting on their own tiny potty and then one day be expected to use a big toilet.  By always using a big toilet they learn to get on and off, flush, and come to understand it isn't a scary thing. 




Our pre-school does not provide pull-ups.  If you choose to have your child wear pull-ups and not training pants then you need to purchase a pull-up brand that has Velcro sides.  These are easier for our teachers and for the child to manipulate.   Children in pull-ups sit on the potty during all potty times. This helps them become comfortable with the potty.  All children who are not capable of telling us when they must go potty follow our 45 minute potty schedule.  Every 45 minutes the children sit on the potty. 


Training Pants


Training Pants are wonderful for potty training.  If you choose to use them instead of pull-ups and you are unable to find them, you can purchase them from us (at our cost).   Training pants are thick cotton underwear sold in toddler sizes.  They are best used with a vinyl pant over them.  Gerber makes a traing pant and a vinyl cover.   Despite the enviromental advantages  and the cost effectiveness of them, training pants are a nice option because the child can dramatically feel when he or she has had an accident.   It will increase your laundry load; however, if you are consistant taking your child potty like we are at school it shouldn't take too long to train your child if he or she is ready. 

Is your child ready? 


  1. Does your child have general communication skills?
  2. Does your child understand when he or she is wet or dry?
  3. Does your child keep their diaper dry for a few hours at a time?
  4. Does your child show any interest in the toilet?