August 5, 2016                                          Closed (Teacher In-Service)

August 10, 2016                                          First Day of school and VPK

September 5, 2016                                      Closed (Labor Day)

September 9, 2016                                      Grandparents Day Program-9:30AM

October 21, 2016                                         Picture Day

October 31, 2016                                         Fall Party 9:30AM

November 11, 2016                                      Closed (Veteran’s Day)

November 18, 2016                                      Thanksgiving Program 9:30AM

November 21-25, 2016                                 No VPK - Fall Break

November 24-25, 2016                                 Closed (Thanksgiving)

December 8, 2016                                        Christmas Program 6PM

December 16, 2016                                      Christmas Party 9:30AM

December 19, 2016 – Jan 3, 2017                 No VPK Class (Christmas Break)

December 23-26, 2016                                 Closed (Christmas)

January 1, 2017                                          Closed (New Year's Day)

January 16, 2017                                       Closed (Martin Luther King Day)

February 14. 2017                                        Valentine's Day Party 9:30AM

February 20, 2017                                        Closed (President’s Day)
March 20-24, 2017                                       No VPK (Spring Break)

April 13, 2017                                              Spring Party

April 14, 2017                                              Closed (Good Friday)

May 12, 2017                                               Mother's Day Program 9:30AM

May 29, 2017                                               Closed (Memorial Day)

May 25, 2017                                               Graduation 6:00PM

May 26, 2017                                               Last Day of VPK

June 18, 2017                                              Father's Day Program 9:30AM

July 4, 2017                                                 Closed (Independence Day)


        When VPK is on vacation and Primary Prep is open, your VPK student is welcome to attend Primary Prep for an additional fee.  Our school consists of a year round program, so our curriculum continues on holiday weeks and all summer.  

Attendance is taken for VPK students, so it is important your child attends school every day; however, please do not send your child to school if he or she is sick.  We will work out a makeup plan for him or her. 



Natural Disaster closures will be governed by the instructions given on the radio and television by the local authorities.  We follow the advice given and taken by the local school system.  Primary Prep is closed when public schools and government offices are closed due to severe weather.