All students are required to have an up-to-date physical and up to date immunizations (on Florida State form) kept on file.  Special problems such as allergies, tube in ears, etc. must be brought to the attention of the Director. 


New physicals are required every two years; immunizations should be reported to the Director as they occur on a form from the physician’s office. 


Current contact information of parents and other involved parties must be on file so we can contact you quickly in case of an emergency or illness.  Please notify the school of all home and work number changes as they occur. 



Receipts are given for cash transactions upon request.  We also provide year-end statements for tuition paid.  A written request must be given to the school no later than Monday, December 15th.




Weekly tuition is due Monday or the first day of attendance that week.  If tuition is not paid by Monday or the first day of that week, a flat late fee of $25.00 will be charged.  Tuition is due regardless of attendance and is not pro-rated for absences, vacation, or holiday breaks scheduled on the school calendar. 



Two weeks of vacation (non-attendance) per school year are permitted.  Weeks can not be broken into individual days.  If the student has used the two weeks allotment; full tuition will be charged whether or not the child is in attendance.  Please inform the director of vacations and absences. 



Year-end tuition statements will be available.  A written request must be given to the school no later than December 15th.




Please be prepared at all times to offer proper identification when picking up your child.  Only individuals that are on your child’s enrollment form are allowed to pick up your child.  A photo ID will be necessary for pick up.  Please keep the preschool notified of any changes to your child’s enrollment form.



        For your child’s safety, we require that your child is signed in and out every day.  Please sign your name not “Mom” or “Dad”.  










Fridays are Spirit Day!  All students are encouraged to wear their school T-shirt.





It is exciting to watch a child become independent.  Successful potty training takes consistency at home and at school.  We are committed to helping your child become potty trained.
        While in pull-ups, parents are required to provide the pull-ups.  In order for a smooth changing procedure, pull-ups MUST be the sticky/Velcro side closing type.  When your child’s supply is low, a notice will be placed in your child’s take home folder.  Please promptly replace his or her supply.  If you forget to provide pull-ups for your child, you will be called and asked to bring some to school. 

If your toddler has special needs concerning ointments for a rash, please inform the director.

Graduating from pull-ups is a big step for both the child and the parents.  Once your child has graduated to underwear we suggest you provide at least five pairs of the thick terry cloth underwear with vinyl pants to be worn over the underwear.  Plan to have a minimum of three pairs of clothes to be kept at school.  We recommend you have a pair of shoes to keep at school too.  



Ill children are not permitted at school.  If your child exhibits fever, vomiting, diarrhea, or great discomfort you will be asked to remove your child until well.  Your child may not return to school for 24 hours unless a doctor’s note states he or she is free of communicable illness. 

Please keep your child at home if they exhibit the following symptoms:

1.  Fever - temperature over 100°.  If a child enters the center and is known to have had a fever during the previous 12 hours, the director will take the child’s temperature to determine admission.  Please do not bring your child to school if he or she has been given a fever reducer.


2.  Respiratory – has breathing difficulties like wheezing


3.  Vomiting


4.  Diarrhea – this is characterized by frequent watery or green colored bowel movements which are not related to medication or food reactions


5.  Rash – undiagnosed rash other than mild diaper or heat rash


6.  Sore Throat – sore throat that needs culturing because other signs are present


Students are regularly checked for lice and must be free of lice and nits to attend school.



Medication release forms are required, and medicines must be hand delivered by the parent.


Only doctor prescribed medication may be administered to your child by our staff.  All prescriptions must be in its original container, and it must include the doctor’s instructions.  Always give medication to a teacher to be secured in a locked cabinet or assigned refrigerated space.  NEVER leave medication in your child’s locker or lunch box.   



Please list allergies, special medical or dietary needs, or other areas of concern in your enrollment registration packet.  Please immediately inform the director of any new allergies.  





Our playground is shaded, and we play outside everyday, weather permitting.  If you feel your child needs sunscreen applied, please send a bottle labeled with your child’s name.  Primary Prep is conscientious of insects like mosquitoes; however, there are seasons where the insects are more prominent.  If you feel your child needs repellent please provide insect repellent wipes labeled with your child’s name and we will apply them to your child when needed.


Discipline Procedure


Primary Prep defines discipline as training that develops self control.  This training begins with our youngest toddlers by positive reinforcement, redirecting, and setting examples.  As students mature, emphasis is put on discussion and inappropriate behavior is immediately addressed. 

Knowledge is power.  A child needs to know three things to develop self controlled behavior:

  1.   What is acceptable behavior?
  2.   What behavior is expected of him or her?
  3.   What is the purpose and reward of good behavior?

This information is consistently shared with our students as part of our daily routine.

        Thinking Time (time-out) gives students an opportunity for the child to regain control.  Teachers offer support and techniques to correct behavior.


Discipline Continued:


        We fully abide by Florida Statute 65C-22.006(3) which states, “No child will be subject to discipline that is severe, humiliating, frightening, or associated with food, rest, or toileting.  Spanking or any other form or physical punishment is prohibited by all child care personnel.”

        Preschoolers whose behavior becomes uncontrollable, the parent will be called to remove the child from the school immediately.  This may result in the following day suspension.  Repeat offenses will result in increased suspension.




 Toddlers who exhibit reoccurring or uncontrollable biting will be asked to take a leave of absence in order to have time to mature.  This has been most successful. 


Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting Requirements


All child care personnel are mandated by law to report their suspicions of child abuse, neglect, or abandonment to the Florida Abuse Hotline in accordance with s. 39.201 of the Florida Statutes.